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Ankole Horn Pierced Hurricane - Rose & Fitzgerald

Ankole Horn Pierced Hurricane


Filter candlelight in the loveliest way.

Made from natural Ankole horn, this hurricane is a stunning and unique addition to your home collection. Our artisans start with a large piece of horn and then punch a geometric pattern of holes in either side by hand, creating a candle holder, unlike any other.

In addition to their impressive size, Ankole horns are also known for their beautiful variation of colors—ranging from light to dark, with exotic stripes of ivory, black, and brown. Like a fingerprint, no two horns are exactly alike, making each of these hurricanes unique and rare.

The Ankole horn used was sourced ethically as a food by-product. Each hurricane was crafted from start to finish by our in-house team of cow horn artisans at our design-and-craft studio in Kampala, Uganda. 


  • Measurements: 8” H x 5” W
  • Materials: Ankole horn
  • Colors: Natural light horn
  • Origin: Uganda


Wipe clean using a soft cloth as needed.

Ensure that your lit candle is placed in the very center of the hurricane to cause either side of the inner wall to become overheated by the flame. Never leave a burning candle unattended.