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Framed Vintage Xhosa Collar - Large,  - Rose & Fitzgerald

Framed Vintage Xhosa Collar, Large - Found


A Found Collection Item

This is a one-of-a-kind approximately 60 year old decorative collar from the Xhosa, Mfengu or Nguini peoples of South Africa—the tribe of beloved Nelson Mandela.

The Xhosa people of the eastern Cape region of South Africa have a long history of beadwork. The uses of beaded jewelry and decorative clothing continue today in the more rural areas. The Xhosa Collar is traditionally worn by young men during festivals and dance ceremonies as a way to symbolize status. 


  • Measurements: 19"H x 19"W
  • Frame: Custom, white wood frame with the highest quality UV-protective, sturdy and beautifully-clear acrylic (no flimsy plexiglass here!) The collar has been floated 3/8" above a mat with an inch and a half of space between the edges of the piece and the frame. Spacers were used to separate the acrylic and frame from the collar and mat board, suspending the collar between the materials.
  • Origin: South Africa
  • Notes: Due to the necklace being 6 decades old, it has evident wear and tear. We intentionally framed it as we found it because of its beautifully aged look.


To prevent fading of the artwork, we recommend you keep out of direct sunlight.