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Nguni Heads,  - Rose & Fitzgerald

Nguni Heads - Found

Iroko Timber
  • Iroko Timber
  • Ash Black
  • Ash Grey

A Found Collection Item

These handmade wood Nguni Heads by Vogel Design are contemporary with a distinctly African edge. Beautiful as a wall hanging or used as a hook, they are perfect as a stand-alone piece or as part of a gallery wall.

John Vogel is a celebrated South African artist and woodworker based in Cape Town. He enjoys exploring organic, nature-inspired form as an intuitive language which evokes an emotive response. After exploring work approaches in many materials, he chose wood as his primary medium, as he loves the connection it has to the natural world and the fact that good forestry management can ensure a sustainable supply. 

These are handmade, one of a kind wood pieces. No two are exactly alike. 


  • Measurements: 9"H x 7.5"W
  • Materials: Wood
  • Colors: Light brown, black or grey
  • Origin: South Africa


Wipe clean with a soft cloth as needed.