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Vintage Indigo-Dyed Throw - No. 01,  - Rose & Fitzgerald

Vintage Indigo-Dyed Throw, No. 01 - Found


A Found Collection Item

Handmade from authentic indigo-dyed cotton from Mali, this blanket is organic and earthy while still feeling modern and contemporary. The indigo fabric is thought to be at least 20 years old, making this blanket a true heirloom piece.

The indigo cotton is dyed using an ancient process that is long and exacting. Using a West African indigo dye-vat, whole indigo leaves are fermented over seven to ten days to produce a dye of unmatchable color by other dyeing processes. This results in beautiful shades of blue that are entirely natural and can last for a lifetime.


  • Measurements: 60"H x 40"W
  • Materials: Authentic indigo-dyed cotton
  • Colors: Various shades of blue
  • Origin: Mali
  • Note: Because this blanket is made from vintage fabric, it has a slightly weathered look and no two are exactly alike. We think this makes it all the more special. 


Professional dry cleaning is recommended.